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NEW Thera-Paw Boots

The Thera-Paw boot was the first product I created for my greyhound, Tybalt, who suffered from debilitating corns in his paw pads (see his picture below).  I never intended to be a pet products developer (I had a full-time job that I loved :-) but a few veterinary surgeons and a ton of pet parents urged me to make the boots to help their patients and pets. Of course, I wanted to do just that - help injured and painful animals.  It sounds "corny" but it was then that I found my calling.

I learned quickly that dog boots are not easy to make; dogs have various needs, come in lots of shapes and sizes, and most dogs don't like wearing anything on their feet.  Also, the boots had to be made of tough construction, padded, comfortable, and easy to clean.  I found that neoprene was the best material to use to make the boots.

I searched everywhere for a neoprene manufacturer in the US.  There are none.  ZERO.  Ugh!  So I was left with overseas manufacturing, which is difficult to negotiate... for a ton of reasons.

Then, COVID hit and our overseas resources dried up.  We had to start from the beginning.  The good news is that we finally found a company that understands our needs and our vision to continuously improve the quality and design of the Thera-Paw boots.  

I know that many of you are used to the old boot design and may not like to change, but please believe me when I tell you that I spent countless hours working on getting the best possible design to provide the perfect level of protection, fit, and comfort.  After all, I'm also making these boots for my own dogs.

So... long story short... we are unrolling our NEW Thera-Paw boots, which are much improved.  We are starting out with the size T/E since this is our most popular size.  Eventually, all sizes will be transitioned to this new and improved style.  

It is my wish that no dog need boots BUT if your dog has painful or injured paws, we are here to help.  Thank you all for your continued support!  Ilaria Borghese, President, Thera-Paw, Inc.


My greyhound in his first pair of handmade Thera-Paw boots

The NEW Thera-Paw Boot

Some features haven't changed:

  • Thick, padded, cushioned inner sole

  • Durable, thick, rubber outer base

  • Seamless interior for comfortable, non-irritating fit

  • Dual cuff closure system to secure the boot in place

NEW features include:

  • 2 outer closure straps:

    • lower strap has a D-ring fastener for better "staying" power​

  • Outer shell of boot is shaped and angled to better fit dog paws

  • Outer rubber base is more pliable to allow the paw to flex better

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