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We work closely with veterinary professionals to develop innovative solutions for bracing limbs & improving mobility. Since 2005, we have fabricated over 25,000 unique, custom-made devices including specialty boots, carpal/wrist supports, elbow braces, tarsal/ankle braces, mobility aids and protective garments.

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Thera-Paw is committed to helping pets live active, pain-free lives. Our products are designed to reduce discomfort, support injured limbs, and improve mobility. We offer dog boots, custom-made braces and leg supports and assistive devices for dogs and cats of all sizes.  We offer splinting materials, foam padding, and other accessories for increased support and improved comfort.  


I can't say enough good things about this company and their product. I had a difficult case that needed a custom tarsal support and ordering it and the delivery were fast and easy. When I made a mistake with one of the measurements I was able to call and someone answered the phone immediately and guided me through the return process. I was able to have the product altered and shipped back to me within a week. This company has the best customer service I have experienced in a long while. I will absolutely being use them again for future rehab cases.

"I always take the opportunity to recommend your company to other dog owners in need of dog boots. I've had nothing but positive experiences and it really does make the whole special needs fur baby thing much easier to handle.  Thank you again !"

Due to Koemp's being such a large dog 77kg we had to have a boot made to fit after he suffered a toe amputation. It has saved him from having to wear a cone which is difficult due to a old house with small doors. It looks a little awkward due to the bandaging but fits great and very well made.

I bought Thera-Paw Boots to protect my French bulldogs paws from the snow and other harsh elements. It only took a day or two for him to get used to wearing something on his feet. Now we don't go for walks without them. His paws stay warm and protected.

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