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foam padding, dog splint, padding for dog splint


1/4" thick foam padding is useful for lining the boots and leg braces of medium and large dogs.

1/8" thick foam padding is useful for lining the boots and leg braces of smaller pets, toy breeds, cats, and exotics. 


This is a soft, foam padding with a self-adhesive back. It is water-resistant (closed-cell) and can withstand some moisture and cleaning with a damp sponge. It can be cut and applied inside many Thera-Paw products. For example:

  • Lining the inside cuff of a Thera-Paw Boot or other boots to provide a more snug fit

  • Lining the inside of a Carpo-Flex-X or other leg braces to provide greater comfort and support

  • Also, small pieces of foam can be cut and stuck inside boot cuffs and leg braces to:

    • protect the leg against seams and stitching

    • protect the dew claw or wounds

    • provide pressure relief


This self-adhesive foam pad that can be stuck inside most boots and braces regardless of make or model.

This foam can also be layered (one piece on top of another) for additional comfort and protection.

Foam padding is meant to be changed every 4-8 weeks depending on wear. Signs that indicate a need to change padding include:

  • padding is completely compressed

  • padding begins to peel

  • padding is dirty and can no longer be cleaned of all dirt and debris

PLEASE NOTE: Foam padding comes in either tan or black colors, depending on availability. Features of both the tan and black padding are the same.


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